Who We Are

Grace Fellowship of San Diego exists to honor and glorify God by obeying Jesus' command to make disciples of all people groups (See Matthew 28:18-20).

We accomplish this through our Mission and Core Values.

Our Mission:

  • Reaching out to the world with the good news that Jesus saves (Luke 15, 19:10)
  • Teaching believers through the Bible how to love God and love their neighbors as themselves (Col. 1:28; Matthew 22:37-40)
  • Sending those believers out into the world to minister to the lost and proclaim  Jesus as Savior (Rom. 10:13-15; Acts 1:8)

Our Core Values:


(What is most important to us)

  • Worship: Glory to God alone, through Christ alone, by faith alone, by grace alone.
  • The Bible: Authoritative, inerrant, our standard for truth and obedience
  • Christ-Centered Living: loving the Lord God with our whole hearts
  • Dependency on God for every area of our lives
  • Prayer: individual and corporate prayer as crucial in doing God's work
  • Protecting: Upholding the Truth of 
  • Spiritual Maturity: Developing people to become Christ-like
  • Equipping: Preparing believers for a passion-driven, gift-based ministry
  • Missions: Taking Christ to the nations by giving, praying, and going
  • Giving: Sharing Gods blessings in our lives with those in need as a demonstration of trust in Him

(How we do ministry)

  • Loving Relationships: Acceptance, caring for others, forgiving
  • Praise: truth based, vibrant, heartfelt, reflective
  • Authenticity: being vulnerable and genuine, living without hypocrisy, casualness with reverence
  • Small Groups for spiritual growth and relationship building
  • Strengthening Families by building up men to lead
  • Empowering Leadership